For Sale: MP Möller by Allen Combination Organ

Here is a chance for you to own a bit of Allen Organ history. If you’ve ever been to Octave Hall at the Allen Organ factory, in Macungie Pennsylvania, this beautiful organ greeted you as you came in the lobby. Both the digital audio and winded pipes are self-contained and marry nicely. The casework is 14’ tall. The two extended ranks of Reuter pipes are controlled by four stops: 8’ Stopped Flute, 4’ Flute, 4’ Principal, 2’ Principal.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind instrument. The console contains the stop list of the MDS-36 with the added Positiv manual that controls the pipes and can couple to the Great. The MIDI voices can be assigned to any of the three manuals.

The price will be around $50K but will vary based upon installation and location. The price will include delivery, installation and tuning of the pipes. A new Allen instrument with Allen’s APEX Technology can be quoted to replace the MDS console or that can be done in the future. It would need the current pipe interface to accomplish the APEX upgrade. I can quote that for you in my territory of NW Florida and South Alabama and your local Allen dealer can do the same for you in your area. Please call TOLL FREE 888-777-1975.

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